20 years Over the past 20 years, we have been focusing on die-casting product and improving for excellence in automotive industry

Yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd. is a company specialized in the production of high quality precision die-casting products in the automotive industry. Our customers are mainly large-scale OEMs and tier-1 Component enterprises. We are one of the best s

Ensure timely provision of professional pre-sales, sales, after-sales service to customers, resolution of customer confusion during supplier sourcing and removal of customer concerns in use by perfect service system, excellent staff and good service attitude.


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We will continue to develop & provide more products and services with better quality to make a contribution to the standardization of the die-casting market & industry, and to revitalize national industry!

Baqian Industrial Concentration District
Jinghe Town, Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, China




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